Patterned area of bricks with the NC State block S logo
的砖厂. North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC

OFFICIALLY NAMED “UNIVERSITY PLAZA,这是一个神圣的地方,亚美体育app社区在这里纵横交错, congregated and celebrated for decades.


大学广场, commonly called the Brickyard by most, is one of nine Hallowed Places on NC State’s campus, defined as "irreplaceable campus buildings, 随着时间的推移,景观和自然环境已经积累了特殊的意义."


Black and white photo of Harrelson hall surrounded by grass

哈里森大楼是大学校园里的第一个圆柱形建筑,建于1961年. It needed a dramatic landscaped design.

Once, it was an expanse of warped planks sitting atop the muddy red quagmire that separated the old Erdahl-Cloyd Student Center from the shiny cylindrical marvel called Harrelson Hall that rose near the railroad tracks on NC State’s main campus.

In 1966, 然而, NC State’s physical plant began paving the unsightly area with red and white bricks to create what the school wanted to call — and officially still does — the “大学广场.它是由NC州立设计学院的毕业生Richard C构思的. 贝尔多年来一直是罗利最重要的景观设计师.

几乎立即, 它被称为“砖厂”,” a name that was originally derisive but now is beloved as one of the school’s nine Hallowed Spaces.

Generations of NC State students have used the Brickyard as a gathering place for celebrations, 激烈的即兴布道, 政治集会和抗议, 音乐会, special events and a route from home to class to lunch.

然而,这条走道不仅仅是一个在秋叶中沙沙作响的地方, 在冬天的霜冻上滑倒, watch spring’s bloom or bake on summer’s sun-heated kiln.

Harrelson Hall surrounded by grass

经过多年的, the Brickyard has been a place of capacity and comfort, the central interchange on the academic side of campus where nearly every student crossed at some point during the day. It has also served as a central gathering place for celebrations, social activities and remembrances.

The brickyard area of campus before it was bricks

After Harrelson Hall was built in 1961, the plaza between it and the Erdahl-Cloyd Student Center was a grassy field with crossing footpaths. However, it often turned into a muddy mess when it rained. 为了避免陷入泥沼,通常会使用临时的木板通道.


Sketch of plans for the brickyard

The original renderings of 大学广场 by noted Raleigh landscape architect Richard C. 贝尔,1951年毕业于亚美体育app立大学. 类似的图纸也存在于铁路轨道以北的校园其他部分.

The pattern formed by the bricks -共588,060人, all donated by the North Carolina Bricklayers Association — was reminiscent of the Piazza San Marco in Venice, 意大利, 贝尔1950年从北卡州立大学毕业后就读的众多国际城市之一.

贝尔最初的设计是用手工切割的花岗岩鹅卵石铺成的, 但州内生产的砖要多得多,而且是免费的. 广场 was planned to extend through the lilting landscape of campus all the way to the Belltower and down to Holladay Hall.

But it took two years to complete what exists now, and Bell’s state-appropriated budget of $160,000 for the beautification project ran out long before the three university bricklayers who built it all could extend as far as Gardner Arboretum.

砌砖场航拍照片 under construction

广场, 由50多万亚美体育app制造的砖块制成, 三个大学的瓦工花了两年多的时间才完成. 它于1968年3月7日,也就是开国元勋纪念日81周年之际落成.

的砖厂 wasn’t always beloved. Shortly before it was formally dedicated on March 7, 1968年,校长约翰·考德威尔(John Caldwell)主持了该校第81个创立日, 前校长Carey Bostian和学生会副主席Bob Shipley, critical voices had little good to say about it.

“There is no particular point to the brick covering, other than being better than dirt,一篇社论说 技术员,最糟糕的是,上面什么都没有,装饰性或实用性都没有.”

然而,后一个事实被证明只是间断性的正确. Throughout the plaza’s construction, hard-working bandits rearranged a portion of the bricks into various shapes — sometimes profanities, but usually the school’s block S logo.

It happened so often that a properly proportioned logo was built permanently into the bricks.


的砖厂 is a place for preachers, 老师, 抗议者, 竞选集会, 音乐会和篝火晚会. 它也是一个在课间用滑板枕头小睡的好地方.


学生 sit on a bench in the brickyard

的砖厂 quickly became a gathering place for students.

The senior class of 1967 paid $1,600 为商场建造一个玻璃和铝制的小型信息亭. Landscape architecture students, calling themselves the “Green Panthers,领导了筹集5美元的活动,000 so they could plant seven 30-foot-tall, 砖厂附近的自然区域有7吨重的树木.

由一位校友捐赠和一个苗圃,并由罗利的戴维树木公司运输, 三棵柳树, two scarlet oaks and two red maples have matured over the last 50 years into a miniature urban forest that provides some needed shade and color for what the student paper called “a desert of bricks.”

A few weeks after it officially opened, the “brick mall” hosted the third-annual All Campus Weekend, with national recording acts Little Anthony and the Imperials and the Royal Guardsmen unofficially christening it with “Shimmy, Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop” and “Snoopy and the Red Baron,”分别.

Vietnam protest in the brickyard

在动荡的70年代, 数千名学生聚集在砖厂抗议死刑, the expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia and an appearance by Vice President Spiro Agnew at Reynolds Coliseum, as well as other political and social issues of the day.

Concerts gave way to other uses. In 1970, student body president Cathy Sterling and 6,000 student 抗议者 from NC State, Meredith and UNC-Chapel Hill left the Brickyard for a two-mile march to the State Capitol to protest the expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia.

In 1983, 主教练吉姆·瓦尔瓦诺和他的心脏包赢得了一场又一场不可思议的比赛, the Brickyard became host to epic planned pep rallies, spontaneous bonfires and general celebratory rowdiness.


景观建筑师Richard C. Bell was hired to spend $160,000 state-appropriated funds to beautify 10 places around campus. He convinced Chancellor John Caldwell to let him spend those funds to create a plaza inspired by Venice’s Piazza San Marco.




不久之后为了给D.H. 山图书馆, 侵占了哈里森的地盘,牺牲了户外的漫游空间,取而代之的是室内的自习室.

尽管如此,砖厂仍然是NC州立大学校园日常生活的重要组成部分. 近年来, it has become the comfortable home of Shack-A-Thon, a week-long hobo village that serves as a fundraiser for the campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity. It’s also the home for the school’s annual Earth Day celebration and has hosted a weekly farmer’s market.

去年, 因为哈里森大厅的最后一块残片被移出了砖厂, 它的足迹被一个临时的绿色空间和人行道填补, making the Brickyard and surrounding areas the perfect space for thousands in the community to squint at the Great American Eclipse.

Crowd gathered in the brickyard for the 2017 solar eclipse

也许砖厂历史上最大的集会是在8月21日, 2017, 当千名学生, 员工和社区邻居聚集在那里观看伟大的美国日食, 北卡中部大部分地区95%的全食率.

At most, the 45,240 square feet of the Brickyard 在任何时候都能容纳大学现有学生人数的一半.

But it is a daily home to all of them.

学生 walking through the brickyard


每年,砖厂会损失500到600块砖. Another 575 to 650 bricks are annually replaced due to damage, erosion and tree-root interference. 作为北卡罗莱纳州场地服务的再利用和回收倡议的一部分, students can request souvenir bricks at Surplus bricks are also available near the Brickyard at the end of each semester for graduating students to take a piece of campus with them — without damaging property.